Bouquet loves to encourage creativity. The brand wants to build a community around art and beauty, and encourage local creators and artists in the process. It wants to push people out of their comfort zone, to challenge the laziness of the conventional. But most importantly, bouquet wants its customers to feel unique and good, by creating something completely new.
— Véronique


Bouquet is a brand of leather goods, created by designer / student, Véronique Orban de Xivry.

What characterizes bouquet? Its customizable designs. At bouquet, the customer can choose a specific format, colours and functionalities... Just like a recipe, he/she can design a bag from A to Z, under the benevolent eye of the designer.

The name

In French, we call the upper part of the skin "la fleur du cuir" (the flower of the leather) - hence the name bouquet. Like a bouquet of flowers, the bouquet bag takes shape little by little. It can be simple or complex, sober or colourful, but most importantly, it is made with someone in mind. It is unique, and meant to please. 





Sustainable development is at the heart of the brand. All bouquet products are made in Montreal. Véronique also makes conscientious choices in terms of labour, materials and processes.

Moreover, the bouquet business model is built on adaptability. Manufacturing unique pieces, that meet the taste of the customer encourages a responsible consumption. It is a way to give meaning to the objects we buy, and purchase products that fit our lifestyle. It's also a great way to foster creativity!